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Current Location: Home > Products > Plastics and auxiliaries

Plastics and auxiliaries

No. Type Classification
1 HEXAMOLL DINCH Environmental protection primary plasticizer
2 ATBC Environmental protection primary plasticizer
3 TBC Environmental protection primary plasticizer
4 DOTP Environmental protection primary plasticizer
5 DPHP Environmental protection primary plasticizer
6 EASTMAN168 Environmental protection primary plasticizer
7 MESAMOLL Environmental protection primary plasticizer
8 UN899 Environmental protection primary plasticizer
9 UN399 Environmental protection primary plasticizer
10 UN488 Environmental protection primary plasticizer
11 DOA Functional plasticizer
12 DINA Functional plasticizer
13 DOS Functional plasticizer
14 TXIB Functional plasticizer
15 TOTM Functional plasticizer
16 UN380 Functional plasticizer
17 UN615 Functional plasticizer
18 TM810 Functional plasticizer
19 911P Functional plasticizer
20 ESO Functional plasticizer
21 PALINOL Functional plasticizer
22 DOP Universal primary?plasticizer
23 DINP Universal primary?plasticizer
24 DIDP Universal primary?plasticizer
25 CT303 Stabilizer
26 CT340 Stabilizer
27 SC1600 Stabilizer
28 181 Stabilizer
29 Irgafos1010 Antioxidant
30 Irgafos168 Antioxidant
31 PR-G PVC paste resin
32 P440 PVC paste resin
33 P450 PVC paste resin
34 SB100 PVC paste resin
35 G16 Lubricant
36 AC316A Lubricant
37 P83 Processing modifier
38 MB872 Processing modifier
39 MB875 Processing modifier
40 ACR Processing modifier
41 L-45 Release agent
42 PMX200 Release agent
43 PC2858 Medical plastic particles
44 TPU481 Medical plastic particles
45 666H Medical plastic particles

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